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My Responsibility As Your Notary:
  • I must be able to positively identify the document's signer or signers  (see below for acceptable forms of  I.D.)
  • I must be present to witness the signing of all documents. (do not sign documents ahead of time.)
  • I am responsible only for the signing, not for the contents of a document.

Your Responsibility As A Signer:

  • You must provide one government issued photo identification  before I can notarize any documents. Some examples might be:                               

          1.  Driver's License or I.D. Card  - containing your signature

                   2.  U.S. Military I.D. Card - if it contains a written physical description

**Oregon does not allow a  Matricula Consular card to be used by a Notary Public as identification because it does not contain a written physical description.


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